Message from Doug Collins on Protecting our Lakes, 7/2/18

This summer, I voted with the House to pass the Water Resources Development Act, a bill that authorizes water infrastructure projects across the country. I advocated for the bill to include reforms of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages Lakes Lanier, Hartwell, Russell, and Carters—and it does.

This means that the Water Resources Development Act would give local entities a larger role in sourcing funding for projects and directs the Corps to consider local opinions in projects that involve ports, dams, or lakes under its authority. Too often, I've seen the Corps of Engineers ignore the impacts its actions have on local lakes and residents, and it's time for a fundamental change to how the Corps handles its responsibilities. I'm glad to see provisions in this infrastructure bill that would increase the influence that residents of Northeast Georgia have over their water resources, homes, and communities, and I'll continue holding the Corps accountable for how it manages lakes in Northeast Georgia.

The Water Resources Development Act also ensures that the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, which creates jobs across the state and is critical to Georgia's economy, continues to receive necessary resources.ragraph here.