Time is Running Out

​Letter to the Editor, The Hartwell Sun,  2/8/18


Qualifying for elected offices in Hart County is March 5–8 at the Hart County Board of Elections office, 182 Cade Street.

After primaries this spring, voters will have the opportunity, in November, to elect two new school board members from Districts 2 and 4.

In my opinion, the board urgently needs dynamic new leadership that is committed to: 1) Providing our children
with the best education that our community can afford, 2) Acknowledging that the school system is just one of many deserving needs that exist in the larger community, 3) Accepting the fact that there are limits to the amount of tax revenue that a low income community can afford, 4) Agreeing that tax revenue must be distributed fairly based on community
needs not just on arbitrary decisions by the school board.

As the front-page article of last’s week Sun showed the school population is decreasing while the cost of educating them has drastically increased. Since 2015 school costs per pupil have increased almost 10 percent. That means that we now spend over $125,000 bringing a pupil from kindergarten through high school.

Essential qualities for school board members should include committed to addressing the needs listed in 1-4 above; excellence; actively seeks community input on every important decision, committed to open, transparent, community friendly
board; has management experience in operating a successful business; believes tax payers have a fundamental right to know how their tax revenue is spent; and is a fiscal conservative who understands the difference between needs and wants.

If you believe that the school board should adopt a more conservative, needs based approach to spending, an educational philosophy focused of elevating academic excellence, and an open, transparent operation that respects the right of citizens
 to view all school records
that are not restricted by law, then we, Hart County citizens,
need your help to bring much needed change to the School Board.mIf you live in either Districts
2 or 4, please consider offering your services to this great
community by volunteering to run for a seat on the Hart County School Board in 2018.

Mike Buckel