BOC approves tax resolution at 6.019

By Michael Isom, Staff writer, The Hartwell Sun, September 21, 2017

The Hart County Board of Commissioners (BOC) held a called meeting Tuesday night
to approve the order for taxes to be billed out at a millage rate of 6.019. Commissioner R.C. Oglesby was not in attendance.

County Administrator Terrell Partain went over the numbers for the BOC. He reported
that the total millage rate for incorporated areas of the county is at 8.172. With a 2.153 mil rollback from the one cent sales tax applied, it brings the overall county millage rate to 6.019.

Commissioner Marshall Sayer made the motion to approve the millage rate for tax
bills with Commissioner Frankie Teasley seconding. It was approved unanimously.

The other item on the agenda for the called meeting was the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) V resolution ballot.

County Attorney Walter Gordon initially delivered the wording of SPLOST fund allocation
with some departments/ numbers combined into one.

BOC Chairman Joey Dorsey asked Gordon to revise the wording so that funds will appear as separate line items on the November ballot.

Gordon made note of the revisions and informed the BOC he will make the changes.

The resolution was unanimously approved, contingent on it being reviewed before it is
sent to the printer.

The final numbers are as follows: economic development at $3.2 million; water and sewer at $3.2 million; public safety vehicles and equipment at $1.24 million; roads and bridges at $3.6 million; fire department at $1.4 million; and recreation at $500,000.

The municipalities’ division of funds leaves $2,304,000 for the city of Hartwell, $358,400
for Royston, $185,600 for Bowersville and $37,100 for Canon.