Highlights of April 15, 2013 Meeting

Mike Buckel reported that the School Board raised the 2010 millage rate from the temporary rate to remain “revenue neutral”while the tax digest decreased from 2009.  GA law requires all school districts to decide whether to become charter systemsor retain current structure.  This is a complex and difficult issue – HCPOA will monitor developments and assist discussions.The major part of the meeting was focused on political issues affecting the Hartwell basin.  Ron Grimm, President of the Tugaloo Bay POA presented information on the lake.  He discussed GA US Rep Doug Collins and SC Rep Jeff Duncan forming a working group from 35 states that have US Army COE managed river basins.  He also discussed State Rep Alan Powell and State Senator John Wilkinson establishing the Savannah River Caucus with 31 other representatives in the basin.  Similarly, SC Rep Don Bowen has established the Savannah River Basin Advisory Council.  GA Bill 532 was introduced to endorse adaptive and single source management of the Basin.  Mr. Grimm said there is progress.  Rep Alan Powell commented it is not easy to get the Caucus members to agree.  He has participated in beginning the dialogue with SC leaders to identify and promote common issues.  He stressed the need for “strength in numbers” to address and solve lake issues.  Darren Kendall, Gainesville Senior Staffer for US Rep Doug Collins said economics should be considered and we must keep Corps and government officials accountable.