Hart County Property Owners’ Association

                   2017 Annual Report to Members

Our activities continue to focus on fair and equitable taxation and transparency and accountability in all areas of county government. Monthly meetings inform and educate while also providing a forum for members and the public to interact with officials who make decisions which shape our community. A variety of subjects were covered this past year with beneficial question and answer sessions at the conclusion of each meeting.

For example:

      Tom Hardigree, co-host of BackTalk Live, local Channel 3, gave us an entertaining and thought provoking look at his Wishes for Hart County in 2017.

      A state required County Comprehensive County Plan was explained and audience comments noted.

      Several meetings were devoted to discussions with county and city officials regarding possible SPLOST 5 projects.

      District Attorney, Parks White, spoke about benefits of a State Court in Hart County.

      HCPOA Board members produced three well documented programs on Board of Education financial and academic issues which negatively impact all Hart County citizens.

As in several preceding years, much effort has been expended in 2017 attempting to promote transparency and obtain information from the Board of Education through customary channels provided for this process, however, we are continually stonewalled in these endeavors. The Board of Education seemingly lacks the understanding that they are the official overseers of school system policies and the superintendent, not vice versa. They must also take seriously their fiduciary responsibility to protect the financial interests of taxpayers who provide the school system with its operating funds.

What’s Coming in 2018? The HCPOA Board has identified three primary target areas for action in 2018. These are not exclusive, as we are always ready to respond to other issues which affect the interests of owners of property in Hart County.

      BOE - Ongoing work in attempts to gain transparency and proper functioning of the Board of Education. Evaluate student academic performance to see if it meets established criteria. Study budgeting practices.

      HEALTH - Determine status of AnMed medical facility in Hartwell. If this is still a possibility, help develop public support.  LAKE - Work with the Corps of Engineers, lake organizations, and legislators to resolve continuing issues related to lake levels, lake management, public use, etc.

For Your Benefit and that of HCPOA.  We are attempting to make our website more useful for members who aren’t able to come to monthly meetings. From our homepage at hcpoa.info/ click on the Highlights tab at the top of the page to see a brief description of the contents of each monthly public meeting. If you have a friend, new neighbor, or know another property owner who is interested and concerned about issues affecting Hart County please give them one of the two membership forms enclosed with this letter. We hope you will renew your membership with the other! With your support, our Association will be able to continue to provide a unique and valuable service to our community.